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Non-members Only: You can earn rebates by shopping here. All you need to do is forward a copy of the email confirmation that you get from one of our merchants to shop along with the members site ID. The members site ID can be found in the lower left corner of the members home page. Finally, you need to specify how you would like to receive the rebate. You have 3 options:

  1. PayPal - Just indicate that you would like the rebates sent to your PayPal email address, don't forget to include the email address!

  2. honorpay- Just indicate that you would like the rebates sent to your honorpay email address, don't forget to include the email address!

  3. check you need to provide us with your mailing address

  4. we will add more Payment  option

Rebates are paid quarterly.

Shop at the dollar12 club Shopping Center!  We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you! There are many shopping categories to choose from so enjoy the surf!

Members Directions:

International Shoppers must use these directions as well.

  • You must use your personal dollar12 club URL to gain entrance to the shopping center.

  • You must use the links at our Shopping Center in order to get a rebate. Our companies code follows you while you shop. The merchant recognizes the code and credits dollar12 club with the sale.

3 Steps you must follow when shopping!

  • You must use the links provided at The Dollar12 club Shopping Center!

  • Every Merchant/Store will ask you for an email address during the checkout process. You must use the following format for your email address when you check out from a merchant! Replace Yourmemberid with your actual  dollar12Club  member id. By using this email address, dollar12 club will receive an email confirmation of your order. Your rebate will be based on that confirmation. The email confirmation is not a receipt. You will get your receipt when your order arrives to the address you supplied to the Merchant. We will record your order and rebate information and then forward the email confirmation to you for your records. This process may take up to 72 hours.

  • You will receive your rebate payment once per quarter for shopping, verified for that quarter, 30 days after the quarter ends (example: For all shopping completed between Jan 1st through March 31st you would receive your check on or around April 30th). The payment can be sent by through paypal or honorpay (see your members control panel and your profile).

Other Points to Remember!

Verifiable Purchase -  dollar12 club receives rebates from the from our Affiliate Stores which we in turn rebate to our Members. In order for us to be paid these rebates the store must be able to verify, through the receipt of our unique company code, the members purchase.  These unique company codes are imbedded in the links you find at our shopping center.   If you enter an affiliate store directly from our shopping center,  the code transfers as you link to the store.  This code generates a log of sales and it is from this log of sales that the dollar12 club is paid.   If you enter a dollar12 club affiliate store directly, without using our shopping center, then no code is sent and then a purchase by you cannot be verified by us which results in no rebate being paid. 

You cannot bookmark you favorite store. You must always use our link to your favorite store via your personal dollar12 club URL. Bookmarks do not maintain our unique company code and you will not get credit for your purchase.

Once you click on an affiliated Merchants web site from our shopping center you are OK! Should you decide to leave that Merchants site before you finish shopping our companies code will be lost. You must re-enter the site from our Shopping Center in order to receive a rebate.

If you forget to use our Shopping Center we cannot process any rebates. It is at dollar12 club sole discretion to determine if you qualify for a rebate.

If a link is not working please report it to us. At the bottom of every dollar12 club shopping page there is a link to our missinglink email address. We will make every effort to repair the link as soon as possible. In the meantime you will not be able to get a rebate. This should be a very rare occurrence! Your patience is appreciated should this happen.

If you receive an email advertisement of any form directly from a dollar12 club affiliated Merchant you will not get a rebate for your purchase unless you enter that Merchants site from the dollar12 club Shopping Center! Remember our company code must be activated in order for us to process the rebate! It is activated only when you enter the site from our shopping center!

When your joined dollar12 club you agreed to receive emails from us. Approximately, once per week we will send an email notifying our members of special coupons or deals from merchants. All links in the email will bring you to your personal dollar12 club URL and from there you will be able to take advantage of the special savings.


Not all items are available for rebates. The Member Rebate column will indicate special terms by using an asterisk after the rebate percentage as shown here - 5%* If you see the "*" then be aware that the rebates is only on select goods. This means you may not receive a rebate from this merchant. It will depend on the item you purchase. It is impossible for us to know which items are select goods and which are not. If you do not see an asterisk then the rebate applies to all goods and services provided by that merchant.  Here are a few examples: Dell Computers: any purchase of Dell products and services in which the transaction is substantially completed by telephone or by a Dell salesperson. only purchases of airline tickets and hotel reservations qualify for a discount. Due to Federal/State laws and regulations, prescriptions from all merchants are not eligible . Monthly Deliveries, such as Beer-of-the-month clubs and coffee, are not eligible for a discount unless all months are paid for up front through our links via the dollar12 club Internet Mall. All Gift Certificates that are purchased are also not eligible for a discount.

Any shipping and handling cost, gift-wrapping or other special services are not included in the rebate calculation.

Any sales tax is not included in the rebate calculation.

Rebate Payments are sent out once per quarter. Commissions on your referrals purchases are also sent out once per quarter. Commissions on Paid Memberships are sent out once per month.

The shopping center also provides the % of the commission paid to sponsors. There are not any limits on the commissions a sponsor can make. All purchases must be verified in order to receive a commission.

Should a rebate or commission be paid and then a member returns the item, then the rebate and commission will be deducted from the next check. Adjustments are final and there isn't any recourse to change the adjustment. Adjustments are at dollar12 club sole discretion.

It is our members responsibility to keep track of their individual purchases and verify that rebates have been made. In the event that you do not receive a rebate in the check you receive once per quarter,  you must notify dollar12 club and provide us with the email confirmation from the merchant within 30 days of receiving your rebate check. We will then attempt to verify the purchase as described above.

Disclaimer of Liabilities with regards to our Merchants

Our web site  includes links to other Internet sites maintained by third parties. dollar12 club  has no control over these Sites. You acknowledge and agree that dollar12 club is not responsible for the availability of Linked Sites. The fact that dollar12 club includes many Linked Sites does not imply our endorsement of the Linked Sites or any content, advertising, products or other material available from Linked Sites. You further agree that We shall not be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any such content, goods, or services available on or through any Linked Sites.

Dollar12 club and our paid members are not responsible or liable for any benefits provided by participating Merchants. If you have any claims relating to such benefits you must make your claim against the Merchant providing the benefit.

If you choose to use a coupon on a merchants site that was not offered via dollar12 club you may not be eligible for a rebates.

Dollar12 club reserves the right to eliminate, add, change and substitute Merchants and other benefits without notice to any members. Dollar12 club assumes no responsibility for the payment of sales tax on any purchases made through our participating Merchants.

Dollar12 club is not liable for any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of our service. Any downloadable material shall be used at your own risk. Dollar12 club is not responsible for any damage that could be done to your computer system including lost data.

Shop at the dollar12 club Shopping Center!  We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you! There are many shopping categories to choose from so enjoy the surf!

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